Our clan rule's

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Our clan rule's

Post  PuNk on Thu Oct 22 2009, 14:07

Any one who wanna join our clan must post a topic here and he must put only his simbad server name in the subject , for example , subject : alex
If you are new here you must read these rules .
These rules are really important for those guys who wanna join our clan .

1. Must obey punk's orders
2. Must obey Simbad De Zeeman Server Rule's
2. Must not Cheat/Mod/Hack ( Instant ban from Clan, and server )
3. Must not Insult [GS] member's
4. Must not Clan Kill
5. Must put an image from your state ( at least you can write them )
6. Must have at least 100 kills more than his deaths
7. Must play simbad de zeeman server at least 30 hours
8. Must have a green car


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